Rally Information...


Welcome...  to the Bedfordshire Centre's rally information page...

Within this page there is important information for all those attending our rallies.  Please take the time to read through the information below.


Because its FUN and inexpensive.

If you are a new member or have only attended a few rallies before, why not join us for a weekend soon.  Browse through this book and have a look at the choice of rallies and activities that are planned, then come and discover why so many members enjoy rallying.

There are social events, fun events, competitions, events for children, walks, visits - in fact something for everyone.  Whether you take part and join in or do entirely your own thing, the choice is yours. Some weekends are busy with things going on and others are quiet, with nothing organised other than meeting old friends and enjoying the companionship of others who enjoy their caravanning.

Rallying is a wonderful way of making new friends and new comers are made particularly welcome.  The countryside around us offers many picturesque sites and views, many that we will have passed by in the car without even noticing. Join us soon, bring the family, even if you have to work weekends, why not leave them with the company of caravanning friends and return at the end of the day,

Remember the Centre and all our rallies are run by Centre members like yourself, for the benefit of us all, and they welcome your support and response to their efforts.


All rallies open at 4:00pm on the date of arrival, unless the venue is a school site in which case it is 5:00pm.  It may be possible to arrange entry prior to 4:00pm, however this must be agreed between the attendee and the rally officers.  Please remember rally officers are giving up their own time for our enjoyment and it may not always be possible for officers to be on site prior to 4:00pm so please be considerate when seeking earlier entry.


In the advent of adverse weather conditions rally goers are advised to pay special attention to the use of the "Yellow Flag".  A yellow flag being raised within the rally field is an indication to all rally goers that unnecessary vehicle movement are prohibited for the duration that the flag is flying.  It may be necessary to raise the yellow flag to preserve the surface of the rally field and this is done at the rally officers discretion.


On certain rallies a deposit will be required when booking.  The amount of deposit will depend on the rally and will be clearly stated on the booking form or against the rally on the website.

In the case of cancellation by a member, deposits will be refunded up to 4 weeks before the commencement of the rally, unless otherwise stated.  After this time deposits are not refundable.

In all cases any cancellation will incur an administration charge of £5 for all holiday rallies and this will be deducted before issuing any refund.


Social and other events advertised on this website as part of a rally are official events organised under the auspices of the Centre and subject to the rules, regulations and guidelines laid down from time to time for the running of such events.

All such events were a charge is made are subject to the payment by the Centre of VAT and this will be included without exception in the price of any ticket or fee charged for the event, or part of the event such as entertainment, food or service offered at the event or any part of it.


The running of Private functions on the rally field or in premises being hired by the Centre at the time is not allowed.

Members should be aware that if they attend a private function whilst also attending a rally they are not covered by any Caravan Club insurances or Licences.

They are advised to ensure that the necessary arrangements have been made by the organisers to ensure they are adequately covered.